Championship Manager 2007

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Championship Manager PC "on hold"

"The boxed PC game is on its way out."

The core PC Championship Manager series is "on hold", Beautiful Game Studios boss Roy Meredith has told Eurogamer. When it will come back, he "really, really couldn't say".

Championship Manager 2007

Championship Manager 2007

Nice try, good conversion - oops, wrong sport...

Why is it that every time we play A,N. Other management game we feel the urge to talk about Football Manager, to compare it to by far and away the leading title in the genre?

It's not as if we expect every shooter we play to measure up to Halo. In other genres it's ok to be good, but not brilliant - and yet it seems in football management second is nothing.

Actually, the reason we're always sizing up boss sims like two competitive starlets comparing their tackles in the shower is that management games are in many respects so similar to SEGA's top dog.

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Championship Manager patched

Championship Manager patched

January transfers included.

Beautiful Game Studios has issued a patch for Championship Manager 2007 on PC that most notably brings player and staff data into line with transfers made in the January window.

Other changes include the addition of the second and third FA Cup qualifying rounds, the ref's new-found decisiveness in the face of mass brawls, and various other gameplay tweaks.

You can flick through the changelog over on the official website and grab the patch itself from

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Footy manager devs on Italian league patches

As you'll know if you follow Italian football, last week was a good one for Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina - and we're not talking about what happened on the pitch.

Because last week the Italian Olympic Committee decided to reduce the penalties meted out to each club in the wake of this summer's match-fixing scandal. Juventus remain in Serie B, but see their points penalty reduced from 17 to 9, while Fiorentina got four points back and Lazio got eight.

There was one group of people for whom the news came too late though - the developers of football management titles, with Sports Interactive, Beautiful Game Studios and Codemasters having already delivered their 2007 efforts to market in the preceding months.

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Championship Manager 2007

Championship Manager 2007

Warming the bench.

The proverbial one-horse title race does nobody in football any favours: fans are bored by predictable results, managers end up scrapping over tin-pot cups and the team topping the football pyramid festers through lack of stiff competition.

Just as Man Utd have, mercifully, emerged to challenge Chelsea in real life (whatever that is), Championship Manager has been putting in the hours on the training pitch to give Football Manager a credible opponent this season. And with LMA Manager 2007 proving to be a stagnant reworking of last year's outing, while FIFA Manager 07 is yet to emerge from the dark recesses of EA's dugout, CM 2007 is also the only serious alternative to FM's transfer market leader.

But, boy, is it serious.

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ChampMan 2007 demo

Beautiful's beautiful game.

Eidos and Beautiful Game Studios have released a demo version of Championship Manager 2007, giving you the chance to break in this year's tracksuit.

Champ Man 2007 unveiled

Out this autumn on PC.

The Championship Manager rebuilding effort continues apace, as Eidos unveils the PC's 2007 edition - promising myriad improvements to interface, tools and accuracy when it comes out this autumn.