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Champ Man 2007 unveiled

Out this autumn on PC.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Championship Manager rebuilding effort continues apace, as Eidos unveils the PC's 2007 edition - promising myriad improvements to interface, tools and accuracy when it comes out this autumn.

Developed by London's Beautiful Game Studios, Championship Manager 2007 features new options at the top and bottom of management, with the addition of an international option along with two new leagues, Conference North and South.

Behind the scenes the game will allow you to analyse a huge number of new stats, including goals-scored, runs-made and completion rates for shots, passes and tackles.

Along with that you'll be able to deliver team talks both before matches and at half-time, and should find improvements in transfers and negotiations, news, media and pre-match build-up, according to BGE and Eidos.

We're also promised player and club data accurate up to the end of the August transfer window, as well as a new look with new skins, menu shortcuts and a dynamic side bar - some of which ought to be apparent in the first four screenshots.

CM2007 is due out this autumn, when it will be up against the likes of LMA Manager 2007 and of course genre kingpin Sports Interactive's Football Manager 2007.

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