FIFA Manager 07

FIFA Manager 07

FIFA Manager 07

Promotion contender?

Fireworks. That's what you expect when EA wheel out a blockbuster sequel, especially one featuring a fully licensed cast of footballing superstars. So it's a little odd that FIFA Manager 07 has arrived with barely a whimper, let alone a bang. EA didn't even confirm the game was on the cards until a matter of weeks before its release. It's the equivalent of a boss not just informing his players who's in the team ten minutes before kick-off, but not telling them there's a match until the stadium's half full.

So what has EA got to hide?

The game itself is as solid as ever, offering a far less hardcore impression of football management than the likes of Football Manager. But there's not much new stuff to get excited about here, which is undoubtedly why EA hasn't trumpeted FIFA Man's release. The feature list has expanded to encompass pretty much every aspect all the game's rivals boast, and then some. And that's the problem with FIFA Manager - it's a competent utility player that's not quite world class in a specific position.

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FIFA Manager 07 demo

Ahead of Friday's release.

If you haven't found your home in Football Manager 2007, Championship Manager 2007 or LMA Manager 2007, EA's inviting you to give FIFA Manager 07 a go in its new PC demo. (Well, they'd probably like you to go for their version first, but let's be realistic.)