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Ubi boss on Splinter Cell exclusive

'We love Xbox 360,' he beams.

Ubisoft top dog Yves Guillemot has revealed why the French firm decided to develop the next Splinter Cell title exclusively for Xbox 360 - and it's all thanks to family history.

The announcement, one of many made in a rather impressive display of content from Microsoft at X06, will see the currently multi-platform adventures of Sam Fisher (latest SC title Double Agent is on PC, PS2, X360, Xbox and Wii) fly solo on the next-gen system, though a separate PC version wouldn't surprise us.

"Splinter Cell was created on the first Xbox, so we thought it was important to come back for one volume with Microsoft to create a very good quality title focused on using the full power of the system," Guillemot told our sister site GamesIndustry.biz during the swanky post-X06 party in Barcelona the other night.

"And especially for next year when the big guns will be out, it's very important to have a game that will use 360 to the full, because you will need that to fight against all the other games that will be there. For us it's a good way to win the next-gen battle. We love Xbox 360 because it's easy to develop on and that's why we want to put great quality products on it."

It's certainly quite a coup for 360. And also quite a hole in Microsoft's wallet, we'd imagine. No date for the new Splinter Cell yet, but Double Agent is out on October 20th.

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