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MotorStorm slips slightly

Off track by a week.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Bad news for PlayStation 3 importers: MotorStorm's Japanese release date has been pushed back a week until 14th December.

The game had been due to make its first appearance in Japan on the 7th, and Sony's reportedly blamed the delay on production-related hiccups, but it doesn't sound like much to worry about.

For more on MotorStorm's development, be sure to check out the most recent Eurogamer TV show, where Johnny and the crew visit developer Evolution and explore the making of the game, and what it sets out to achieve.

As you'll know if you've already watched it, MotorStorm's Western release date is somewhat later than its Japanese equivalent (March, most likely) because the team aims to finish an online component for the later launch date. The Japanese version will be offline-only.

Look out for a review of the Japanese version in mid December, then.

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