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SEGA Rally now with SEGA Rally

Arcade ver bundled with 2006.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA Rally 2006 will ship with a port of the original ten year-old arcade game when it ships, um, 11 years later, next year on January 12th in The Japan.

We've no details on the port other than it is the arcade version, but that's good news isn't it? Eh? You like SEGA Rally.

The 2006 vintage was recently shown off at the Tokyo Game Show, where we stood in the queue for ages and everyone looked miserable until they got to sit in the GT Force Pro steering wheel-equipped rally chair and hammer the pedals for a couple of minutes.

There's plenty of variety in stages, the continual correction and over-correction as the car veers menacingly close to the boundaries is quite the bewitcher and on the whole it looked very nice too. Even if we were slightly delirious from all the standing up.

We've yet to see a European date for SR 2006, but as soon as we do you will too. Assuming you're reading the site at the time and that.

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