Sega Rally 2006

Sega Rally 2006

Sega Rally 2006

Can ten-year-old gameplay still cut it in 2006?

Ten years ago, almost to the day, Sega Rally came out for Sega's Saturn in the UK. What a time. Obviously we bought it on launch day and loved every second of its incredible three-and-a-half minute long racing orgasm.

It had everything Sega was about at the time - three tracks, two cars, plus one of each as an unlockable bonus. You could complete the entire game in under four minutes, and if you wanted to win everything you had to be perfect and use manual gears and be really, really good. That's what Sega did best - putting an arcade machine in your house for 40.

Then came Dreamcast Sega Rally 2. Good for those who imported a Japanese copy like hardcore old us, but bad for UK buyers who were fobbed off with a terribly bordered and slow PAL conversion. That was nearly seven bloody years ago and it still hurts. Now, here in 2006 and only for PlayStation 2, we're finally getting more Sega Rally. Those letters to Santa have paid off.

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