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Eurogamer poker heat results

Who won, and what's next?

Eurogamer's first poker challenge heat, brought to you in association with our friends at PKR, took place last night, with 71 people scowling unreadably at one another across the Internet until the early hours in the hope of taking a cut of the US$ 500 cash pot.

Rupert reports that it was "very tense towards the end", with top player gg003a9534 (presumably not his real name) eventually taking $US 140 and qualifying for the grand final on 14th December, while runners-up in the top ten split the rest of the cash between themselves.

You can read up on what happened over on the forum, where we'll be keeping the scoreboard up to date after each of the next six Thursday-night heats. Remember, it's not just the heat winners who go through to contest the US$ 2,500 final prize, but the next three in line on the leaderboards too, so there's every reason to keep at it.

And indeed you can still join in, even if you haven't already, by downloading the PKR client and firing it up at 8pm UK time on Thursdays. Look to the news page again next week for details on the next heat, and thanks to all who took part in the first.

For more details on the Eurogamer PKR Challenge 2006, check out our original announcement.