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EG launches poker challenge

With our new pals PKR.

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Looking for something to do on Thursdays? Then why not join in with the Eurogamer PKR Challenge 2006 poker tournament, which we're announcing today with great happiness (cunningly masked behind a veneer of icy concentration, naturally).

We're giving away $6,000 in cash between now and the end of the year, and it costs nothing to enter. All you need to do is download the PKR client and then join us every Thursday night, starting 26th October, at 8pm UK time.

Each of the seven heats will be free to participate in with $500 cash given away to the best-performing players. The winners of those heats, along with the next three best-ranked players on the overall leaderboard, will be invited to take part in a grand final on 14th December, where they could win a share of a further $2,500.

Finalists will also receive a free "PKR Face" - a 3D avatar that uses Face Gen software to create an accurate representation of their poker face - which should look jolly impressive in the Eurogamer TV special this December featuring highlights of the 2.5-grand final.

"As a keen poker player I can't wait for the event to kick off and compete against our readers," said Eurogamer emperor Rupert Loman. "PKR is a fantastic new way to play online poker and we're looking forward to handing new players their backsides introducing new players to the game."

"That's more money than I make in a year," said Eurogamer minion Tom Bramwell. "But at least I'll be able to use PKR Face to help track everyone down in real life and beat up their pets."

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