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WOW 360 rumour rubbished

By Blizzard, no less.

Rumour mongers are cowering in shame today after rumours of a forthcoming World of Warcraft 360 announcement were dismissed by developer Blizzard.

Said mongers got all excited after the published schedule for the BlizzCon event, being held this week in California, listed an hour long presentation titled 'Microsoft Next Gen Platform.'

Hence the emergence of rumours regarding a console WOW, or possibly StarCraft: Ghost 360 - but no.

Turns out the presentation will actually be about Microsoft's new Vista PC operating system, otherwise known as "The Next Generation of Windows." The schedule has been amended so there's no confusion, and Blizzard has confirmed that there is no chance of a WOW 360 announcement at BlizzCon.

Any chance of a WOW 360 announcement at any point in the future, though? Unsurprisingly, they're not saying. We can but hope...