StarCraft: Ghost

Blizzard story overlord Chris Metzen retires aged 42

"I won't lie - it's going to be really hard stepping away."

World of Warcraft killed StarCraft Ghost

"We can't do everything," says Blizzard.

Blizzard wants Cameron for StarCraft film

James, not Diaz. Or David.

StarCraft: Ghost canned

Could return on next-gen.

FeatureBlizzard on the future

Is a cold wind gonna come and blow us all away?

Blizzard cans Cube Ghost

Starcraft game now PS2/Xbox-only.

Starcraft: Ghost

Ectoplasma guns, presumably.

FeatureNo calm in the Blizzard

Paul Sams on World of Warcraft, Starcraft, next-gen, more.

StarCraft: Ghost online

On PS2 and Xbox.

FeatureStarCraft: Ghost

Blizzard’s tactical action shooter comes out of its shell