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CoD2 patch coming soon

Plus: an update for the 360 game.

Infinity Ward has confirmed that a patch for PC shooter Call of Duty 2 is still on the way - in fact, it's now in the testing stage, so there shouldn't be much longer to wait.

"We're happy to report that this PC update is currently in testing and all is going well. In fact, we are testing these now and will be releasing them soon, so stay tuned," the developer said in a statment.

IW confirmed that the patch will include punkbuster functionality, two new multiplayer maps and HTTP redirect in multiplayer, which means modders can send players to an external website to download their maps and mods. The patch will also repair multiplayer exploits and various minor bugs. Hopefully it'll be enough to placate those angry Call of Duty fans who got so fed up that they threatened to strike last November.

Infinity Ward is also currently putting the finishing touches to the map editing tools, which are due out soon. Plus, a second title update is on the way for the Xbox 360 version of the game, designed to improve play via Xbox Live.

Apparently the patch will address the issue of player lag, and introduce private game lobbies and reserved slots. You'll have more options when it comes to customising games, including a map preferences setting and lobby game type, map and host notification, and the host will now be able to kick players.