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CoD2 maps make $1 million

Activision DLC sells loads.

Activision estimates that sales of downloadable content for Call of Duty 2 have generated USD 1 million.

Speaking to investors and analysts last week, as reported by GameSpot, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said "approximately USD 1 million" had been generated - something he called "a critical first step in exploiting online revenue potential and extending the shelf life of our games".

Activision has released a pair of premium packs for Xbox 360's top-selling World War II shoot-'em-up, priced at USD 5.00 and USD 10.00. The cheaper of the two sold 105,000 times while the more expensive managed 66,000, he said.

Xbox 360 has been widely used already as a platform for the distribution of premium downloadable content, but Activision is the first to claim seven-figure success.

Other content released through the service includes a raft of downloadables for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (all of which were released at an equivalent price on the PC), new map content for THQ's The Outfit and downloadable car-packs for Project Gotham Racing 3.

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