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Watch: Standby for Operation Nostalgia as Ian plays Call of Duty 2

It's our regular Wednesday stream, live at 3:30pm.

Yesterday, Microsoft's corporate PR fellow, Major Nelson dropped a major surprise when he announced that Call of Duty 2 was being added to Xbox One's backwards compatibility library.

Obviously it didn't take long for my nostalgic memories of late night Call of Duty 2 multiplayer sessions to create little electrical impulses that ran directly from my brain, to my wallet.

I rationalised my poor impulse control by telling myself it would be perfect fodder for Eurogamer's regular Wednesday stream, so please do join me at 3:30pm for 90 minutes worth of Call of Duty 2 Xbox One gameplay. I'll be playing through a few of the more memorable chapters of the campaign before jumping into some multiplayer matches for the final leg of the stream.

Cover image for YouTube video90 minutes of Call of Duty 2 Xbox One gameplay - Eurogamer Wednesdays

Best multiplayer map on Call of Duty 2? My money is on Carentan. In fact, I'd even go as far as saying it's one of the best multiplayer maps in any Call of Duty game. I guess that's why they remade it twice with a reimagined version in Modern Warfare called Chinatown and a partial remake in Black Ops 3 named Infection.

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