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CoD2 players threaten to strike

They're not very happy.

Call of Duty fans disgruntled with the game's developer, Infinity Ward, are threatening to shut down servers by embarking on a 24 hour strike.

In a message on the official Infinity Ward forums, a poster by the name of ButchCassidy wrote: "We request here and now that either Activision or Infinty Ward make an offcial announcement regarding their future support for the Call of Duty series of games on or before 16th December 2005.

"The statement should include the following:

1. When will you include an Anti-Cheat system for CoD2?

2. When [will] you release your 1st patch for CoD2?

3. What will it include?

4. What other plans have you for the support of the Call of Duty Games?

5. What will you do to ensure this situation does not arise again?"

ButchCassidy went on to state that if the demands are not met, "We will actively encourage ALL Clans, Leagues, Ladders, Players, Admins and server providers to enforce a series of 24hr mass server shutdowns of all Call of duty games at a time of our choosing."

Many posters and clans responded by pledging their support for the strike, which is now scheduled to kick off on December 17 unless a statement is issued in time.

As yet, neither Activision nor Infinity Ward have commented on the proposed strike.

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