Call of Duty 3


Key events

VideoCall of Duty Elite video details clan operations

Prizes! Clan XP! Showcase! More!

Call of Duty: The War Collection spotted

Retailers list WWII-themed three-pack.

Infinity Ward working on Call of Duty

Activision confirms project in conference call.

Three COD games coming in two years

Acti talks IW bonuses, creative freedom.

Activision to "monetise" COD online

"There is demand from gamers to pay."

New CoD3 maps available

Old combined with new.

CoD3 map pack fixed

Game patched for all.

Call of Duty 3 maps broken

New DLC doesn't work yet.

CoD3 free bonus map

More downloadable war.

Call of Duty 3 map plans

Xbox add-ons due soon.

Call of Duty 3

One missed call.

MS reveals multiple 360 bundles

300 bob for 360, 30 days' Live, and Gears, CoD3 or Smackdown.

Call of Duty 3

Pack up your troubles.

Call of Duty 3 dated

On 360, PS2, Wii and PS3.

Call of Duty 3

History repeats itself, and then shoots you in the head.

FeatureCall of Duty 3

Our first look at Treyarch's stunning WW2 title.

New Call of Duty 3 details

Including multiplayer info.

Call of Duty 3 Wii details

Aim with the remote.

Call of Duty coming to PSP

War in the palm of your hand.

Call of Duty 3 from Treyarch

Modern Warfare from IW?

Call of Duty rumours abound

Two new titles on the way?

CoD2 players threaten to strike

They're not very happy.

Call of Duty 3 planned

And more from Infinity Ward.