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Call of Duty 3 planned

And more from Infinity Ward.

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Ah the job advert. Second only to the US Patent and Trademark Office website for unwanted, unconfirmed revelations about new product. Today's example appears on the website of Call of Duty scribes Infinity Ward, proclaiming that the Activision-owned developer is in the planning stages on Call of Duty 3 and another unnamed PC title based on new intellectual property.

Naturally the listing has been yanked pretty quickly, and the pages bearing it, which advertise for various roles including senior programming staff, now simply refer to the fact the Californian developer is working on Call of Duty 2 for PC and Xbox 360, and that it is "ramping up teams for upcoming new titles".

That a third CoD title is in the planning stage is no great surprise of course. The series has firmly established Activision in the increasingly saturated World War II shooter market, with the original Infinity Ward Call of Duty title a critical darling, and Call of Duty 2 is expected to be a big hit on both PC and Microsoft's next-generation Xbox, for which it was one of the key titles at this May's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Activision is also publishing a spin-off for current-generation formats. Dubbed Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, it focuses on the role of a particular American division, and will be released on PS2, Xbox and GameCube this winter, with Spider-Man 2 developer Treyarch at the controls.

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