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Call of Duty 3 maps broken

New DLC doesn't work yet.

Good news and bad news for those of you slugging it out in the third of Activision's Second World War 'em ups: there's a new Xbox Live map pack available, but it, er, doesn't work.

The "Valor Map Pack" costs 800 Microsoft points, as you may recall, and introduces five new multiplayer maps for use online, split-screen and via system link. It follows on from last week's release of the freebie Champs map.

But for some reason it doesn't work. "We understand that there are problems with the Valor map pack once it is downloaded - we are working closely with Microsoft on this right now, and we will have the issue resolved as soon as we possibly can," a Treyarch representative explained on the Xbox.com forum.

Unfortunately, there's no end in sight at the time of writing, with a further post in the same place elaborating: "We've made some progress through cooperation with Microsoft. We had hoped to resolve the technical issues with the map pack by the end of the day today, but it looks like that will not happen.

"We do know that the package posted to Marketplace this morning is not valid and will not work with the game, so deleting the old file through the system blade of the dashboard will at least put users a step ahead when the new package goes live."

Still no word on what caused the problem, but you can keep an eye out for a solution on the Valor Map Pack thread. And if you've downloaded the pack already, the message seems to be to sit tight, and someone will sort you out soon...