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MS reveals multiple 360 bundles

300 bob for 360, 30 days' Live, and Gears, CoD3 or Smackdown.

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With Xbox 360's Gears of War already leaving a trail of bloody competitors in its wake at the top of the UK chart, Microsoft has announced a console-and-game bundle will go on sale this Friday to try and tempt some more newcomers.

Priced at GBP 299.99, the bundle consists of a premium edition Xbox 360 console and a copy of the game, which has been reviewing very strongly, and has already usurped Halo 2 as the most-played game on Xbox Live.

In a separate announcement, Microsoft revealed last night that Gears has now sold more than one million copies worldwide in just two weeks. "That makes Gears of War the fastest-selling original Xbox game of all time (non-sequel)," the semi-official Gamerscoreblog noted.

Update: A few hours after we received word about the Gears bundle, Microsoft got back in touch to add that this Friday will also see the release of a bundle including WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 and another featuring Call of Duty 3. As with the Gears bundle, it's a premium console (including 30 days of Xbox Live Gold membership, it's worth noting) and the game for GBP 300.

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