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Next Call of Duty not for PC

Next-gen only.

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Activision's next Call of Duty game, due out some time between October and the end of December, will appear on next-gen consoles only according to CEO Bobby Kotick.

Speaking to investors yesterday, Kotick noted that the new CoD is "not a PC product, it's a console product and it's all next-gen".

That doesn't necessarily mean there won't be any more PC Call of Duty titles, of course - last year Activision released different versions for PS2/Xbox/Cube and PC/Xbox 360 formats, giving next-gen gamers a taste of the PC version while a more suitable alternative found its way to current-gen consoles.

The more interesting question is whether or not Infinity Ward's doing this year's console title themselves - Treyarch handled Big Red One last year - and whether this means that future PC titles will not be mirrored on next-generation systems.

Golly it's all a bit complicated. Expect it to become a bit clearer as find out what Activision's up to at E3.

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