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Call of Duty coming to PSP

War in the palm of your hand.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Having already surprised us with the news that the latest Call of Duty game will not be appearing on PC, Activision has dropped another bombshell in the shape of a dedicated game for Sony's PSP.

Despite the fact that the game has not appeared on the E3 show floor, Activision's official new product release list details "Call of Duty 3 PSP," which is thought to be a working title for the curiously unannounced game.

According to those ever informative Internet Reports, the handheld version will not be a port of the next-gen console games, suggesting that Activision has something special in mind for the PSP version. Representatives for the company are keeping tight-lipped on the whole thing for now, though.

The big question is who's going to be taking care of it of course, and if reports denying a link to Infinity Ward are correct, the logical choice would be Treyarch, who have already been confirmed as the developer for all console versions.

We'll keep you updated on any further developments as soon as we hear more.

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