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Resident Evil 4 on the PC?

Well, possibly.

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The poor old interwibble is awash with more of that dirty speculation stuff - this time suggesting that Capcom will release Resident Evil 4 on the PC this year, based on a product page.

Well, not just that. It seems that a man in Germany (bear with us) who works for Capcom has said something positive to this effect also, and it's been stuffed in around the edges of rumour columns in a few magazines.

Resident Evil 4 is already out on Cube and PS2 of course, and Capcom's not exactly averse to a bit of porting and sharing Resi around.

So what did Capcom Eurosoft have to say about it? Sadly, not much. When we asked them if they could confirm or deny, a spokesman said no. As in, they couldn't either confirm or deny. Which could mean anything.

Oh well. Resident Evil 4: it might be on the PC. This year. Fab. Or not.

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