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Valve hints at extra content in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

And DoD: Source is nearly done.

Valve has hinted that Half-Life 2: Lost Coast will feature a bit of mystery content when it's released in the near future, and that work on Day of Defeat: Source is almost complete.

In one of its traditional mailshot-type Steam announcements, the developer said HL2: Lost Coast "is nearing completion and will be released soon on Steam". Lost Coast is a free Half-Life 2 map that showcases HDR (High Dynamic Range), a technique explained in detail elsewhere on the web. "We're going to include a bit of extra content with Lost Coast, which we haven't mentioned yet... watch this space for details," the developer said.

Headling the item was news that play-testing of DoD: Source had "taken over the Valve offices". DoD: Source is the latest Half-Life 1 multiplayer mod to be remade in Half-Life 2's Source Engine, and is due out "later this summer".

"Current favourite features include the new grenade stun effect, and the ability to deploy the machine gun on any surface." Valve also released a couple of screenshots of the map "Donner" as part of the update.

Speaking of taking over the Valve offices, it's worth reminding you that last week Valve announced a distribution deal with Electronic Arts that will see EA shipping a Game of the Year edition on PC later this year and handling the Seattle developer's work for several years.

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