Day of Defeat: Source

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Free DoD: Source weekend

To kick off on Friday.

Last week saw the release of the new Day of Defeat: Source summer update, which features a new game type, Detonation, plus two new maps.

DOD: Source update released

DOD: Source update released

Detonation mode and maps.

That Day of Defeat: Source Summer Update we've been banging on about has been released.

The update features anew Detonation game type and two maps to go with it - Jagd and Colmar. You can watch a video of how Detonation works on Colmar over on Eurogamer TV.

That's not all either - the update also sorts out a number of outstanding issues in the game, and makes a few tweaks presumably aimed at balancing too, like reducing the recoil and fire delay on the Garand and shortening the BAR reload time.

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DOD Summer Update vid

DOD Summer Update vid

Real thing's out later. So watch it.

Valve has released a video showing off Colmar, one of the two new maps due to be released as part of the Day of Defeat: Source Summer Update later today.

You can watch the Colmar video on Eurogamer TV.

It highlights the Detonation gameplay in Colmar - basically you have to join forces with other units to attack in unison.

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Valve talks DOD summer update

Valve talks DOD summer update

It'll include a free map pack.

Valve has confirmed that the Summer 2006 update for Day of Defeat: Source will include a two brand new maps - and a whole new gameplay style, titled Detonation.

The Colmar map, which is set in Northern France, will see you struggling to cope with cold weather conditions. To complete the Detonation objectives, you'll need to join forces with other teams so you can attack targets in unison.

The Jagd map offers a more advanced Detonation mission in an urban setting. There's a time limit, so you'll need to get organised and plan your attacks carefully.

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New DOD Source maps soon

By the end of the month, in fact.

Steam has announced that two new multiplayer maps for Day of Defeat: Source are on the way - and they'll be here by the end of the month.

CS, DoD: Source updates coming

CS, DoD: Source updates coming

HDR maps, new features.

Valve's planning to do some updates to the Source Engine versions of Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat "in the next few weeks".

Counter-Strike's going to get some more HDR-enabled versions of maps, says Valve, "along with some enhancements to the game itself".

Meanwhile, DoD is getting "a significant release" adding new features and a new map called Colmar (pictured, hopefully, assuming I remember to add the image for once in my miserable life).

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Day of Defeat: Source

Day of Defeat: Source

They think it's all uber.

Ah, the ruined landscape of wartorn France.

Speaking of lovely places where shootings happen, I was in Croydon on Saturday and found myself talking to a friend from one of those paper magazine things about this here review. "Ah, you just need a couple of war stories for that," he said, truthfully. But, I thought to myself, perhaps a little cynically?

As it turns out, he couldn't have been more right. Following a tolerable pock- and occasionally spack-marked period of adjustment, Day of Defeat: Source is a delightful memory machine, rumbling along and preparing to catapult you to glorious victory or heartbreaking defeat. The good thing being, of course, that nobody has to die for it. Unless you're playing it in East Croydon station, obviously, in which case it's only a matter of time.

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Weekend of Defeat: Free

Try DoD: Source before buying.

Those of you unwilling to pay $19.95 to join The Third Reich (or those pesky Allies) are being invited to try Day of Defeat: Source for free this weekend.

DOD Source map available

Plus pre-loads on Strat First titles.

Valve's updated its Steam website with news that dod_kalt has been added to Day of Defeat: Source. Set during the winter (no I don't know which one), it features some of Valve's beloved High Dynamic Range lighting effects.

DoD: Source map this week

Retail release on Feb 10th.

Those playing World War II multiplayer FPS Day of Defeat: Source can look forward to the release of a new, sixth map this week in the shape of Kalt.