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Valve talks DOD summer update

It'll include a free map pack.

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Valve has confirmed that the Summer 2006 update for Day of Defeat: Source will include a two brand new maps - and a whole new gameplay style, titled Detonation.

The Colmar map, which is set in Northern France, will see you struggling to cope with cold weather conditions. To complete the Detonation objectives, you'll need to join forces with other teams so you can attack targets in unison.

The Jagd map offers a more advanced Detonation mission in an urban setting. There's a time limit, so you'll need to get organised and plan your attacks carefully.

The update will also introduce new technical features and gameplay enhancements, such as spawn clip adjustments, improved hit location detection and weapon balancing.

The Summer 2006 update is out on June 28th. It will be available to download via Steam for no money at all.

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