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CS, DoD: Source updates coming

HDR maps, new features.

Valve's planning to do some updates to the Source Engine versions of Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat "in the next few weeks".

Counter-Strike's going to get some more HDR-enabled versions of maps, says Valve, "along with some enhancements to the game itself".

Meanwhile, DoD is getting "a significant release" adding new features and a new map called Colmar (pictured, hopefully, assuming I remember to add the image for once in my miserable life).

Colmar's going to be the first map to take advantage of a new objective system, which lets Valve build "different kinds of levels than currently exist". The ones we have at the moment all use the same, control-point-based system.

Colmar's set during the night, obviously, and joins the six others available at the moment. You can get hold of Day of Defeat: Source in shops and online through Steam, and you can check out our review elsewhere on the site.