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Steam on Linux released with a sale

More than 50 games slashed in price.

Steam for Linux (Ubuntu) has launched and Valve's having a sale to celebrate.

More than 50 games are seriously reduced in price. Trine 2 is £3, Half-Life £1.49, Dungeons of Dredmor £1.74, Bastion £2.87, Defcon £1.49 and Counter-Strike Source £3.49.

The Steam Linux client includes Big Picture mode.

It's a significant step for games on Linux; maybe one day not too far from now all Steam games will be offered automatically on Windows, Mac and Linux.

It's also good news for the many Kickstarter projects touting Windows, Mac and Linux support; they'll have a one-stop solution for their distribution needs.

And so the Windows grip slackens.

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