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DoD: Source map this week

Retail release on Feb 10th.

Those playing World War II multiplayer FPS Day of Defeat: Source can look forward to the release of a new, sixth map this week in the shape of Kalt.

As we've noted previously, Kalt is a remake of a map from the original DoD mod, a wintry effort featuring some special rendering techniques to help with the snowy look.

Developer Valve says playtesting on the map has wrapped up and we can expect it this week.

In its Friday Steam news update, Valve also said that the response to the addition of Militia to Counter-Strike: Source had been "overwhelmingly positive" and that the next CS Source update would include a player models for each side.

Finally, those holding off on DoD: Source can apparently look forward to a retail release in early February - EA's set to distribute the game on February 10th according to its press site, priced £14.99.