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Cipher Complex for PS3, X360

It's a brand new combat game.

Texan developer Edge of Reality is working on a brand new military combat game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Apparently the new game, titled Cipher Complex, offers an "intense, cinematic" experience "that will deliver a brutal shot of adrenaline straight to the hearts of next-generation games."

It's an original IP, you see, which EoR president Binu Philip reckons is just what the gaming world needs.

"The evolution of action games has seemed to plateau, perhaps because of the emphasis on sequels," Philip said.

"We are exploring and developing brand new styles of gameplay and methods of storytelling. The concept and mechanics of Cipher Complex have been incubating in our mind for years, and with power of the next-gen consoles, we can finally make our dream project a reality."

The storyline of Cipher Complex kicks off when a recon satellite is mysteriously blasted from orbit. Diplomatic requests for an explanation go unanswered, and the US government calls in Operative John Cipher to sort it all out. As Cipher, it's your job to go behind enemy lines and find out the truth - using any means necessary. I.e. guns, most probably.

It's all a bit of a departure for EoR, which is more used to producing movie tie-ins like Shark Tale and Over the Hedge. They also did Pitfall: The Lost Expedition, and cancelled Snoop Doggy Dogg game Fear & Respect.

Cipher Complex is out next year.

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Cipher Complex

PS3, Xbox 360

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