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Snoop Dogg's gaming league

'Marinate on this,' everyone.

International popular music artist and one-time "televizzle" star Snoop Dogg has announced his intention to "change the face of sports and videogaming forever" with the launch of his new Hip-Hop Gaming League.

Speaking at a Hollywood press conference, Dogg said: "This is something I've been cultivating in my mind for some time.

"I'm an initiator, you dig," he added with a straight face.

Dogg, who will act as the official "Commissioner" for the league, said that there will be a five week season to start with, followed by a week of playoffs. Participants will be playing games on the Xbox 360 as they attempt to "take it to the next level" which is "professional, international and universal," apparently.

"We're going to take this thing here straight over the stratosphere, baby," Dogg added.

Dogg, whose hits include Serial Killa, Pimp Slapp'd, Can You Control Your Ho and I Can't Swim, said he'd decided to make the official announcement "to end all rumours and speculation about the league." Who knows what we'll talk about down the pub now.

So, fancy joining up? Tough - unless you're a top rap artist, sports star or music industry bigwig, Snoop's not interested. So far he's already signed up famous gamers such as Method Man and NBA "baller" Carmelo Anthony ("Growin' up, all you had was drugs, violence and basketball." And an Xbox, presumably.)

"We want people who hate to lose, like myself," Dogg said. "Now marinate on that."

And while you're busy marinating, why not take a look at the official HHGL website.