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Peter Jackson talks next-gen

And King Kong sequel potential.

Peter Jackson, director of King Kong and executive producer on the Halo film, reckons the advent of next-generation game platforms will make it easier for those in the film industry to provide support to game makers in good faith.

"I definitely see improved graphics and sound as continuously positive attributes for consideration among the Hollywood community," Jackson told Yahoo's Hollywood Byte on the subject of next-generation console platforms.

"Actors will look more 'life-like' in HD and the sound continues to get closer to the theatrical movie experience - this makes it easier to provide sound effects, artwork, and talent when you, as a filmmaker, know that the final game will be a strong representation of the film."

Jackson declined to confirm suggestions that there will be a sequel to Ubisoft's King Kong game, which still features prominently in the UK sales charts and won all sorts of critical acclaim last year, although he acknowledged the possibility, stating: "I have been in discussions with Michel Ancel and the Montpellier team, but there is nothing to share at this point in time."

The Oscar-winning director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy says he found the experience of working with Ancel and Ubisoft "great". "I was really busy working on the film, and they were equally as busy working on the game, so I didn't need to provide too much day-to-day input."

"This model of development worked, so if I have a similar project, I'd have to evaluate and see if this same process would be applicable," he said.