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King Kong demo

Be a man! Or be a giant ape.

In slightly better news than the thing about Ghost Recon 3 being delayed (although they seemed bizarrely chuffed about that anyway), Ubisoft's released a PC demo of Peter Jackson's King Kong, aka Michel Ancel's Peter Jackson's King Kong.

We've got it on Eurofiles, so go download it if you haven't already. The demo features one level from Jack Driscoll's perspective and another from Kong's. Or, as someone funnier than me put it on the demo page, one that lets you jump inside Kong himself.

As you know, we're loudly confident about King Kong being one of the best film tie-ins since Chronicles of Riddick on Xbox. Our experience with it so far has been that it's incredibly atmospheric, built on a bedrock of interesting and sensible design decisions and also quite attractive.

The full thing's out mid-November on PS2, Xbox, Cube, PC, Xbox 360 and all the handhelds, although we've no idea what those versions are like. And, obviously, the Xbox 360 one is most probably out on December 2nd when the console launches - that's what Ubi told us when we went to their trade and press day recently anyway.