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King Kong 360 demo on Live

And some other downloadables.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft's put some more goodies up on Xbox Live Marketplace this week, including a demo version of King Kong.

We've not checked out the 575MB demo ourselves, because, well, it's 575MB and we've already played it, but given this is the 360 version [snicker] you'll soon get used to being left in the dark! Hahahaha.

Anyway, it's well worth having a go on if you weren't quite sold on the reviews. Just try to look past the lack of a HUD: it's much more than that. It's throwing sticks at dinosaurs, for example.

The other new stuff on Marketplace isn't all that exciting, frankly - you can alter the graphics and sound scheme for Xbox Live Arcade title Crystal Quest (for 100 points, which lest we forget is REAL MONEY), and there are some picture and theme packs for Fight Night, Hexic HD and Bejeweled 2 for various small points-totals.

We'd stick to the free monkey demo, us.

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