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Another Mana title for DS

This time it's a strat-RPG.

Square Enix's revival of the Mana series continues with the announcement of a new isometric strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS called Heroes of Mana.

Playing as a chap called Roger, a swordsman in the Pedan Kingdom army, players must gather resources to build facilities for summoning monsters, which can then be sent out to duff up the enemy.

As you'd expect, there'll be lots of storyline to back everything up - with mid-level conversations ala Fire Emblem, judging by the screenshots - and you'll be starting out from an airship base.

With the Tokyo Game Show happening later this week, you can expect some more details then - and in the meantime you can always look forward to the 30th October US release of Children of Mana, a more traditional action RPG with multiplayer elements.

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