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New Castlevania DS named?

Unconfirmed Konami dates.

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Orange Lounge Radio, admittedly not one we've heard of, claims to have got hold of a Konami release schedule for the rest of the year.

On it are a new Castlevania DS game called Portrait of Ruin, a pair of new Death Jr. games, a Silent Hill PSP game, a new Karaoke Revolution, three Dance Dance Revolution games (Dancing Stage here in Europe), and news of Bomberman Act Zero's release date.

Konami hasn't got back to us about the authenticity of the list, which names specific American release dates for each of the games, but it wouldn't be utterly surprising to find out it's true - Konami typically sneaks a few games into its line-up around E3-time without making a huge song and dance about it.

According to OLR's list, then, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin will hit Nintendo DS on November 15th, Silent Hill Original Sin (reportedly a rejigged version of the original SH) will arrive on October 18th, Death Jr. 2 will appear on PSP on October 18th a week after Death Jr.: Science Fair of Doom hits Nintendo DS, Karaoke Revolution: American Idol (presumably a TV tie-in) is set for November 15th, while Bomberman Act Zero will appear on PSP and Xbox 360 earlier on July 12th.

The three new DDR titles, meanwhile, are DDR Supernova for PS2 (Sept 13th), DDR Universe X360 (Oct 11th) and DDR Ultramix 4 Xbox (Nov 14th).

As we said though, Konami hasn't officially confirmed any of this, so you ought to take it with a pinch of salt - although you might want to save some salt for the rest of the E3 build-up if previous years are anything to go by.

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