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Iga has Castlevania Wii ideas

And talks online modes for Portrait of Ruin on DS.

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Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi sounds like he's changed his mind about bringing the famous series to Nintendo Wii, despite complaining earlier this year that you'd be knackered inside five minutes if you tried to swing a whip around with the remote.

Speaking to the Nintendo Europe website, Igarashi admitted the DS was his focus at the moment, but added that "of course we would like to think of something interesting and pleasant for Wii."

"I have some ideas for Castlevania for Wii," he added. Whhhu-KSSHHH!

He also did a lot of talking about Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, the DS game he's working on at the moment, and in particular referred to its wireless gaming elements - both online and off.

Last time he spoke about Wi-Fi stuff, including Wi-Fi Connection internet play, Igarashi joked that he hadn't actually started work on it, but now it sounds like things are a bit further along. "It's almost 100% confirmed," he says.

"Not only Wi-Fi Connection but also local wireless. We have two new elements: the items that the character has obtained can be exchanged with other users, and co-operation play with another player can be available to clear the difficult areas such as Boss Rushes."

"Due to the restriction of Wi-Fi Connection there are more elements available in local wireless. The biggest difference [between Wi-Fi and local wireless] is in the co-operative play mode. We have one co-op stage available in the Wi-Fi mode and several levels on local wireless mode."

It'll be possible to copy items to other users wirelessly, he says, although only the other player will lose money on the item as it's not an actual trade system. However, it will be possible to sell weapons online though to earn "secret points" for buying new items.

Sounds good - and Portrait of Ruin looked ace at Games Convention too. If it's anything near the quality of Dawn of Sorrow, the first DS game, you can expect big things when it arrives in November.

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