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New Castlevania DS confirmed

Portrait of Ruin this November.

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Konami's confirmed that the next Castlevania DS game will be called Portrait of Ruin, and that it's due out this November - lending credence to a release schedule uncovered last week that listed a number of new, unannounced games from the Japanese publisher.

Portrait of Ruin puts players in control of a pair of characters - vampire hunter Jonathan Morris and a young girl with magical abilities called Charlotte Orlean - whose job it is to stop some ill-advised bad-men from resurrecting Dracula's Castle. What's more, it's set in World War II. Can't they leave it alone?

Thousands of lost souls are wondering the globe "in search of salvation", apparently, and the misguided spirits are trying to rebuild Drac's hideout from its ruins, lead by a pair of naughty vampire sisters who obviously have rather more, er, "staked" on their success.

PoR will use the same 2D platform approach and will allow players to switch freely between Jonathan and Charlotte, applying their skills to overcome puzzles and the like. Both characters will be able to use new Summon attacks to raise demons to fight alongside them, as well as using more conventional weapons and, in Charlotte's case, spell-casting.

No word yet on whether the other games on the leaked Konami schedule - including a pair of Death Jrs and some new Dance Dance Revolutions - are legit, but with E3 just around the corner it shouldn't be long before we find out. Konami Europe's yet to comment on the leaked schedule's authenticity.

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