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Portrait of Ruin delayed

Needs more time for Wi-Fi.

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Konami has delayed the release of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin for Nintendo DS until February 2007 in order to implement some extra features.

A spokesperson for Konami Europe said that the development team will use the time to add online spell-trading, as well as a shop system for selling items over the Internet, along with a two-player Wi-Fi co-op mode for playing with a friend against the game's bosses.

That's a bit of a shame then, as Portrait of Ruin had been one of the DS' most exciting potential releases of 2006, but we're assured by Konami that the game will be worth the wait. Based on our experiences with it at E3 and the Leipzig Games Convention this summer, and how good the last Castlevania DS game - Dawn of Sorrow - was, we reckon they're probably right.

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