Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

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Netflix's animated Castlevania series has a debut trailer

Netflix's animated Castlevania series has a debut trailer

UPDATE: Will premiere on 7th July in the UK.

UPDATE 25/05/2017 4.20pm: Netflix's Castlevania series will launch on 7th July in the UK as well, the streaming service confirmed.

ORIGINAL STORY 25/05/2017 1.02am: Netflix's animated Castlevania series will debut on 7th July, at least in the US and Latin America, and the streaming video company has released its first trailer for the show.

We're still awaiting official confirmation for a UK release date, but hopefully it won't be far behind its North American Netflix brethren.

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Castlevania returning to DS

Igarashi says it's next.

Buoyed no doubt by the success of and positive critical response to Dawn of Sorrow and Portait of Ruin - and the fact that the DS has sold 40 basquillion units - Konami is doing another Castlevania DS game.

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Fittingly for a game fronted by a pair of opposites, there are two ways to look at Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. The gung-ho fan, presumably fresh from one of the slash-heavy 3D console versions, will enjoy battling a broad range of new enemies, and running the arduous gauntlet of countless sub-quests in pursuit of new and enjoyably diverse weapons and tools.

But others, like me, who found greater pleasure in the last DS game's cunning marriage of exploration and discovery - greeting every new ability with a little yelp of excitement, before running off to see how it might help thread more of the world together - will be left somewhat cold.

The compound view is that this isn't as broadly appealing as Dawn of Sorrow, but it is at least trying new things.

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Portrait of Ruin delayed

Needs more time for Wi-Fi.

Konami has delayed the release of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin for Nintendo DS until February 2007 in order to implement some extra features.

Iga has Castlevania Wii ideas

And talks online modes for Portrait of Ruin on DS.

Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi sounds like he's changed his mind about bringing the famous series to Nintendo Wii, despite complaining earlier this year that you'd be knackered inside five minutes if you tried to swing a whip around with the remote.

Castlevania man on PS3, X360

And co-op for DS Portrait of Ruin.

Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi says his initial reaction to Sony's PlayStation 3 announcements at E3 was, "Mmm, maybe it's too expensive."

New Castlevania DS confirmed

New Castlevania DS confirmed

Portrait of Ruin this November.

Konami's confirmed that the next Castlevania DS game will be called Portrait of Ruin, and that it's due out this November - lending credence to a release schedule uncovered last week that listed a number of new, unannounced games from the Japanese publisher.

Portrait of Ruin puts players in control of a pair of characters - vampire hunter Jonathan Morris and a young girl with magical abilities called Charlotte Orlean - whose job it is to stop some ill-advised bad-men from resurrecting Dracula's Castle. What's more, it's set in World War II. Can't they leave it alone?

Thousands of lost souls are wondering the globe "in search of salvation", apparently, and the misguided spirits are trying to rebuild Drac's hideout from its ruins, lead by a pair of naughty vampire sisters who obviously have rather more, er, "staked" on their success.

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New Castlevania DS named?

Unconfirmed Konami dates.

Orange Lounge Radio, admittedly not one we've heard of, claims to have got hold of a Konami release schedule for the rest of the year.