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Monolith working on next-gen console and PC thriller

SEGA is set to publish Condemned this winter on next-gen console and PC.

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SEGA and Monolith are planning to launch a psychological thriller in which the player tracks down serial killers on next-generation console platforms and PC this winter.

Played from the first-person perspective and steeped in suspense, Condemned puts players in the shoes of Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent from the Serial Crimes Unit, who tracks down and brings deadly serial killers to justice using a variety of forensic tools and highly developed melee combat skills.

Given that SEGA hopes to launch this winter, Condemned is undoubtedly on its way to at least the Xbox 2 platform - widely tipped to be available this winter - in addition to PC.

Furthermore, it seems highly likely that the game will use the impressive technology behind Monolith's first-person shooter F.E.A.R., as indicated by director of technology Kevin Stephens during a recent press event in Paris.

SEGA of America's Scott Steinberg said the publisher "expects Condemned to engage the game player with visceral, in your face, urban combat and an unparalleled level of unpredictability," also paying tribute to the game's "atmospheric tension and cinematic qualities", arguing that a true psychological thriller "has not been accomplished on previous hardware platforms".

Monolith CEO Samantha Ryan, meanwhile, touched on the quality of the technology and mechanics. "Monolith's goal with Condemned is to combine a disturbing atmosphere with realistic physics, devious AI and a sophisticated combat system," Ryan commented.

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