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Bungie talks Halo 3 trailer

Rather cryptically, though.

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Bungie has taken time out from a busy schedule of, you know, doing Halo 3 to answer a few questions about the trailer that was on show at E3 last week.

In a Q&A on the Bungie website, they confirmed that work on the game began immediately after Halo 2 was finished, and that this game will have a much "darker feel".

It's also been confirmed that the trailer shows the ruins of New Mombasa, and that it's Mount Kilimanjaro you can see in the background. The spartan who appears is indeed John 117.

When asked how the polygon count compares to that in Halo 2, Bungie replied that it's "Not as high as it looks. A lot of detail is achieved using a combination of lighting, textures, normals and bump-maps. We're saving our polygon budget for other things."

And don't go expecting them to start getting all new-fangled just for the sake of it, either: "Halo 3 will utilise features and technologies that Bungie thinks are cool and appropriate to our game. No more, no less." We are, however, promised "some graphical features that you haven't seen yet, that sort of blow stuff away."

You can read the full Q&A over on the Bungie website. And if you still haven't seen the Halo 3 trailer, head on over to Eurogamer TV.

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