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Namco EyeToy music game

Due on 10th March.

Might be time to dust off the old EyeToy again, as Ignition's signed up a Namco rhythm game for release on March 10th, and it's going for £14.99, too.

Rhythmic Star! is all about timing-based rhythm-response - touching stars as they cascade down the screen in time to the music. As the press release says, "Timing is key and is the difference between being a POPSTAR or a FLOPSTAR." Golly eh.

There'll be 25 cover versions of songs in total, including Material Girl, Lady Marmalade, Can't Get You Out Of My Head and Surfin' USA, and four-player head to head. On top of that, you can, er, graft on vampire teeth, "big ears" and dreadlocks. Which sounds incredible.

So watch out for that on 10th March then!