Rhythmic Star!

Rhythmic Star

Rhythmic Star

EyeToy fun for none of the family.

It's coming up to three years since the EyeToy first appeared in our living rooms, introducing a whole new audience of people too young, too old or just too plain drunk to operate a Dual Shock to gaming. Since then, there have been all manner of variations: two more instalments in the Play series, a Chat title, SpyToy, Kinetic - some sort of fitness trainer thing involving Nike - and a rather rubbish hoverboarding game.

Now, here comes Rhythmic Star - an EyeToy dancing game that has a lot in common with Sony's EyeToy: Groove. As in, it's a dancing game, that works with the EyeToy, and you have to wave your arms about a lot. To music.

But there the similarities end. For while EyeToy: Groove is a nicely polished, well put together party title, complete with licensed tracks, a decent selection of multiplayer modes, some funky mini-games and a few nifty extras, Rhythmic Star is nothing more than bargain basement rip-off fodder.

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Namco EyeToy music game

Due on 10th March.

Might be time to dust off the old EyeToy again, as Ignition's signed up a Namco rhythm game for release on March 10th, and it's going for 14.99, too.