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Jade Empire 2 on Xbox 360?

Sequel defo planned, 360 likely.

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Bioware joint CEO Dr. Ray Muzkya has reiterated the company's plans to continue the Jade Empire series - and on Xbox 360.

Speaking in an interview with US website Xbox-Evolved, Muzkya said, "Bioware definitely plans to continue the Jade Empire franchise." He went on to imply that it was to be an Xbox 360 game.

Muzkya said the company was working on two 360 titles - the other is known to be Mass Effect, which was unveiled during X05 last month.

This isn't the first time Muzkya has spoken about Bioware's plans to continue with Jade Empire beyond the highly-rated Xbox original. Speaking at the European Games Network last September, he told our sister-site, "This is a new IP, and there are going to be follow-on products - sequels and other things, absolutely."

"Our IPs, we have a long plan for - this is a rich world, and there are all these parts around the periphery of the empire that we haven't even touched on. There are lots of cool adventures still in the works."

We'll bring you more on Jade Empire's successor whenever we hear it. To see what Bioware's already up to on Xbox 360, take a look at our Mass Effect screenshots.

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