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Capcom polls for Resi 5 ideas

More chainsaws please.

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Capcom Eurosoft is asking fans of the Resident Evil series what they would most like to see in the fifth game in the series, which was confirmed in March by producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

In a forum thread that you can find here the admins appealed for suggestions - "Features, characters, anything..." - and although it's not clear whether much will come of your suggestions it's safe to say that the thread has attracted plenty of responses.

We'd like to see more zombie-monkeys, us.

Earlier this year Capcom's Kobayashi-san told an American magazine, "We are going to do a Resident Evil 5, of course, but as for exactly what it will be like... that's something we're busy thinking about right now."

"It's safe to say that RE5 will naturally proceed from where RE4 left off," he added, which will be good news for fans of the most recent instalment, which recently sold through the half-million-unit mark worldwide after a Cube-exclusive launch in the US in January and Europe on March 18th. It's due out on the PS2 later this year.

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