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Crimson Sea switches to PS2

Let's try this again.

Xbox exclusive hackandslash RPG Crimson Sea will be getting a PS2 exclusive sequel before the end of the year, publisher Koei has revealed this week. It's due out in the US on March 30th.

Like the original, Crimson Sea 2 combines peculiar dialogue and characters in the far off science fiction setting of Theophilus, where Vipas combat a swarming evil that threatens to engulf the system. Back from the first game is Vipa hero Sho, who teams up with female Vipa Feenay, who relies on magic-like mental powers rather than sheer strength. Players can expect to switch between the two characters at different points over the course of the game


The single-player game will be set over 60 missions in a branching, non-linear arrangement much like the original. Rescue missions, escort missions, search-and-destroy and other objectives will come into it, with characters gaining experience and new abilities with each completed mission, and looking to harness new neo-psionic powers and improved weaponry whilst thrashing out thousand-hit combos.

In addition to the single-player, Crimson Sea 2 will also introduce three new multiplayer modes - a co-operative two-player take on the single-player game, and deathmatch and competition options for rivals (the latter being a contest to see who can score the most points fighting against the CPU).

Although Koei has yet to discuss its European plans for the title, the first, Xbox title made it out here all right. And besides, given some of the publisher's recent choices for Europe, Crimson Sea 2 looks positively mainstream. We'd be very surprised if it didn't show up sometime in 2004. Whether the game will appear on Xbox or even Cube at a later date, however, is more difficult to say.

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