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Nibris announces new DS title

It's a shooter with a Wii sequel.

Nibris, the Polish studio behind previously announced Wii title Sadness, has revealed that it's also working on a new game for the Nintendo DS.

Titled Raid Over the River DS, it has a storyline which spans almost 3000 years and six different dimensions. The action begins in Peru, where archaeologists uncover a strange artefact that can be used to travel through time.

According to Deutsch-Everett theory, which is all about the temporalist's paradigm, it says here, it's impossible to travel within your own timeline. Because that would be ridiculous. However, you can visit future or past Earths from other dimensions, obviously.

As a result of this discovery, the Temporal Advanced Research Projects Agency is established to send intrepid types to these different dimensions and seek out any potential threats. You play TARPA pilot Carrie Colins, 29, and it's your job to deal with some scouts from another dimension who pop up on Earth at the start of the game.

As the adventure gets underway, you'll have to establish unlikely alliances, make difficult choices that could affect the future of the entire human race, and that sort of thing.

Oh, and do a lot of vertical shooting - but Raid Over the River, according to designer Marek Okoń, i"s going to change the current image of a vertical shooter as a meaningless, arcade game which only tests the speed of player’s fingers." It's going to show us just how much potential this type of game has, he reckons, taking inspiration from the classics as well as presenting new innovations.

Apparently it's the first in a series of two vertical shooters - the second will appear on the Wii, but no further details have been revealed so far. Raid Over the River DS is due out in the first half of next year.

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