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Nibris clarifies Sadness details

To a certain extent.

Polish outfit Nibris has issued a release to clarify a few details about its Revolution - alright, Wii - game Sadness, which it announced a fortnight ago.

Nibris sounds a bit miffed by the reaction, actually, pointing out that the game style does not correspond to Sin City, which had been mentioned as an inspiration previously, but is instead "a tribute to pre-World War I cinema" and "will have similar atmosphere".

It'll take place in one of the Slavic countries, says Nibris, and, just in case we didn't get it the first time, it's set before World War I "and not as many claim in the thirties". Which probably ought to have been obvious from the "pre-World War" comment in the original press release, but heigh-ho.

Finally, Nibris says, "concerning the rumours about the Hollywood film studio offering us a large sum of money for filming rights - the truth is that we were contacted but there have been no agreements.

"We cannot disclose the topic of our talks however. Still we can assure players that Sadness will not be filmed earlier than 2 years after it is introduced to the market (if it will be filmed)."

Right then. Sadness, which will be played in black and white as befits the period, is... well, we don't know when it's due out, who's publishing it, or even what sort of game it is, but presumably that'll be some of the "further information" due soon.