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Nibris doing Rev noir game

Inspired by Sin City.

Polish developer Nibris says it's working on a film noir inspired game for Nintendo Revolution, although it hasn't said much else - with a publisher, release date, and even gameplay specifics absent from its announcement.

Still, we know it's called "Sadness" and that Nibris considers films like Sin City to be its inspiration - in fact, the whole game will be done in black and white, the developer says.

We also know that it'll be set "pre-World War", so don't expect any depression/prohibition nonsense, although you might get to complain disgustedly about the sight of an inch of ankle I suppose.

Of course Sadness isn't the only Revolution game we've heard about this week - Ubisoft's also got one, called Red Steel, which will see you swinging a katana around as well as firing guns using the Revolution's remote-style controller.