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Moore on backwards compat

MS is committed, honest.

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Xbox exec Peter Moore has gone on record to clear up confusion over comments he made recently regarding Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

Speaking to Microsoft's Larry Hryb - otherwise known as Major Nelson - Moore said: "My words... That nobody's concerned about backwards compat were misinterpreted as no one cares about backwards compat; that's not the case at all.

"I want to be clear that my comments were not about nobody cares - of course we care, and we're going to continue to try and get as close as we can to our stated target of every Xbox game being backcompat to the 360, and I'm hopeful we get there."

According to Moore, the "emulation ninjas" are constantly working to add new titles to the list of games which will play on both the Xbox and Xbox 360. Next week will see the release of an update which adds another 20 games to the list - and while Moore wouldn't give too much away, he did say: "I can tell you two titles... Doom 3 and Lego Star Wars. Those will both be part of the list and there's a lot more than that."

Moore also took the opportunity to state, once again, how much he likes hanging round forums, and how much he loves our very own Eurogamer.

"I do enjoy the UK sites, because those Brits are never shy about saying what they think, and I do go on there, and particularly the Eurogamer threads seem to have deep threads which go hundreds deep very very quickly...

"I do like to go particularly on the UK sites where the vitriolic, acerbic wit and sarcasm that's there just takes me back to my high school days."

You can download the entire interview from Major Nelson's blog.

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